G72003 102mm Obukhov Metal Plant Gun

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One of the famous Obukhovski guns. The gun was tested and accepted into service in 1911. An initial order of 505 guns was placed with OSZ and by the end of 1916 some 225 had been delivered. A further 200 were scheduled to be built in 1917 and an additional 80 in 1918, but it is unknown how many of these guns were actually delivered. In 1921 another 85 guns were ordered from the Perm' factory, but later that order was reduced to 48.

In 1941 there were a total of 146 guns in service. Of these, 49 were in the Baltic Fleet, 30 in the Black Sea Fleet, 30 in the Pacific Fleet, 18 in the Northern Fleet, 9 in the Caspian Flotilla and 6 in the Pinsk Flotilla.

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