70245PE Armored Cruiser HMS Cumberland

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HMS Cumberland was a Monmouth-class armoured cruiser of the British Royal Navy. She was built by London &amp Glasgow Co. and launched on 16 December 1902. She served in the First World War with most of her sisters, seeing service in the Cameroons. From 3 September 1907 to her final paying off on 13 April 1920 she had served as training ship to the cadets at the Britannia Royal Naval College.

The decision was taken in 1920 that Cumberland should be replaced as sea-going training ship by the obsolescent battleship HMS Temeraire, and her preparation for sale was announced on 12 November 1920. She was sold for scrap on 9 May 1921 to T.W. Wards. Cumberland arrived at Briton Ferry on 28 March 1923 to be broken up.

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