70214 Destroyer Leader Tashkent

Destroyer Leader Tashkent

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  • Tashkent ( Ташкент )
built by OTO, Livorno,
laid down January 1937,
launched 21 November 1937,
completed May 1939 and was accepted in 1939 by the future Admiral of the Black Sea Fleet Lev Vladimirsky.

The ship was delivered without armament reaching 43 knots on trials. She was initially armed with three single 130mm guns until her main gun turrets were delivered in 1941. She was painted a cobalt blue colour and was nicknamed the "blue cruiser" by Russian sailors. She served with the Black Sea Fleet and fought during the Siege of Sevastopol making 40 supply trips through the German Blockade. On 28 June 1942 she was bombed by Stukas and managed to reach Novorosiysk but foundered in the port on 2 July 1942. Her gun turrets were salvaged for use in the destroyer Ognevoi

In his memoirs VN Eroshenko stated that: The leader «Tashkent» steamed 27 000 miles, escorted without loss of 17 transports, carried 19 300 people, 2 538 tons of ammunition, food and other goods into Sevastopol. Held 100 live main caliber bombardments silenced 6 batteries and damaged one airfield. Shot down and damaged 13 enemy aircraft. Sank a torpedo boat


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