70306PE Large Antisubmarine Ship Soznatelnyi

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This design was a smaller version of the Neustrashimy class destroyer which was seen as being too large and expensive for economic series production, as well as too slow. Detailed design changes eliminated some of the problems seen during trials of the Neustrashimyy. A production run of 100 ships was planned but this was curtailed because of the advent of the guided missile. 32 were ordered, but 4 ships were completed as Kildin class (Project 56E/EM), and the last was canceled.

11 ships were modified for enhanced ASW capabilities by adding rocket depth charge launchers (Project 56PLO, Kotlin Mod.).

In 1962, the Soviet navy installed the navalized version of S-125 Neva, SA-N-1 'Goa' to a Project 56K Kotlin SAM class destroyer, the Bravyi (Bravyy) for testing. The system used 4K90 (V-600) missile that could engage targets at distances from 4–15 km (0–10 mi) and altitudes of 100–10,000 m (300–33,000 ft). Fire control and guidance was provided by 4R90 Yatagan radar. The system could only track one target a time. The missiles were loaded on the dual-arm launcher ZIF-101, with under-deck magazine storage for 16 missiles.

The Soviet navy would eventually retrofit 7 Kotlin ships to carry SAMs, these ships were known to NATO as the Kotlin SAM class (Project 56A), one more was modified and sold to Poland (Project 56AE, being the only Project 56 destroyer exported). Later versions of the SAM system, such as the Volna-M (SA-N-1B), Volna-P, and Volna-N provided greater missile range and capability.


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