70236 Project 122bis Submarine Chaser (Kronshtadt class)

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Project 122bis (NATO codename Kronshtadt class) submarine chasers were a Soviet design which were exported throughout the communist bloc in the 1950s. The first ship, BO-270, was built at Zelenodolsk in 1945-1947 and a total of 227 were built for Soviet Navy (175) and border guard until 1955. Besides, twenty units Project 357 (Libau class) dispatch vessels were built on similar project, but without weapon.

The ships served in 1950s–1960s on all Soviet fleets and flotillas in the Baltic Sea, Black Sea, Caspian Sea, Arctic Ocean and Pacific Ocean as part of Soviet coastal anti-submarine defenses. Ships were also given to the Soviet Border Guard and were used actively as border patrol ships. In 1956 these ships were reclassified to "small anti-submarine ships". Most of the Soviet sub-chasers were decommissioned between 1958 and 1970, although some were in service until the 1990s as training stations. 13 of the decommissioned and disarmed ships were delivered to the DOSAAF Voluntary Society for using as training ships.


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